Will Vaisey & WASM Footy Fundraiser

For the first time, students at the Western Australian School of Mines have entered the 2022 Kalgoorlie Masters FC Mining Carnival being held later this year, in an effort to raise money for Miners’ Promise.  In the beginning, and to show their support, Will Vaisey and his team set out with the wonderful goal of raising over $3000.

‘After starting out as little more than a few students keen to play a game of footy under the WASM colours, I am proud to say that this venture has evolved into something far greater than I could have ever anticipated,’ said Will Vaisey

‘Thanks to the multitude of donations from major sponsors, small businesses, and individuals, I am proud to announce that we have managed to blow our original $3000 target out of the water, and raise $23,000 in sponsorship and donations to Miners’ Promise in the first year of WASM football,’ said Will.

‘On top of that, we also have over 50 School of Mines Alumni and students who have signed up to play in the green and gold.’

‘To our major sponsors in Bill Beament and DEVELOP, Debbie Fullarton and Westgold Resources Limited, Scott Williamson and Blackstone Minerals Limited, and Luke Bowler and Access Hire, on behalf of WASM football & Miners’ Promise I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the level of support you have given us.

I encourage everyone reading this to look over the list of names and businesses below and see the fantastic community of sponsors that have allowed us to come this far. Thank you once again to everyone who has supported us, WASM football has a long road ahead of it I can’t wait to see where it takes us,’ Will said proudly.

1.    Kyle De Souza
2.    Bill Beament and DEVELOP
3.    Debbie Fullarton and Westgold Resources Limited
4.    Scott Williamson and Blackstone Minerals Limited
5.    Luke Bowler and Access Hire
6.    Ashok Parekh and The Irish Pub
7.    Joshua McAskil and JMAC Mine Survey
8.    Kyran O’Donnell and Highgrade Personnel Pty Ltd
9.    Darren Stralow and Bellevue Gold Limited
10.  Andrew Hoare and National Pump & Energy
11.  David Pennock and Pennock Executive Recruiting
12.  Joe Seery and Bastion Geotechnical Pty. Ltd.
13. Cornelius Hattingh and Go Engineering Pty Ltd
14.  Steve & Louise Leipold, and Lone Star Surveys
15.  Brendan Parker and Advanced Mining Production Systems (AMPS)
16.  Bernard O’Sullivan and Rapid Crushing & Screening Contractors Pty Ltd

Will, Miners’ Promise is humbled by your brilliant fundraising efforts and passionate support. We are incredibly honoured to have been chosen as your beneficiary and celebrate the first ever School of Mines students’ team taking part in the Kalgoorlie Masters FC Mining Carnival to be held later this year. The support we provide to our mining and resources sector families in times of tragedy and crisis is made possible thanks to your generosity.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to you Will and to the inaugural WASM Kalgoorlie Masters FC Mining Carnival students’ team and to all the wonderful people and companies who are supporting your very special fundraising efforts! Thank you for helping to shine a light on the challenges our mining and resources families face and the support we lovingly and proudly provide.
Our thanks also to Brodie and the extremely hardworking Kalgoorlie Masters Football Club Committee.

To get involved in sponsoring the WASM football club on our journey, please contact Will Vaisey:
–         E: wvaisey@gmail.com
–         P: 0498 644 527