The Lawn Family

On the 9th of December 2017 we got the dreaded and unforgettable phone call saying my husband Jimmy and father of our three children, Aaron (28) Nicole (20) and Jamie (16) had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from a heart condition. We lived 700kms away from where he worked and as soon as we heard the news we jumped in the car and headed to Kalgoorlie. It was by far one of the longest drives of our lives.

My husband’s dad (who Jimmy lived with while he worked) notified Norton Gold Fields mine site of Jimmy’s passing. Norton then got in contact with Miners’ Promise. The next day we got a phone call from an amazing Miners’ Promise Family Support Advisor. The support that the Miners’ Promise team provided was beyond what we could have ever imagined.

We were not financially secure at the time of Jimmy’s death which meant a lot of stress and worry. We were in Kalgoorlie with nowhere to stay for a long period of time and no car due to a family member having to return home to Albany. Our Miners’ Promise Family Support Advisor found a house which we could all stay in for up to 3 weeks and a car which we could use for as long as we needed. Miners’ Promise also paid for Jimmy’s entire funeral which was just incredible as we could give him the farewell which he deserved.

Furthermore, we were not forgotten once we left Kalgoorlie. Miners’ Promise assisted us on our return home by arranging some practical assistance around our property, which helped greatly. Miners’ Promise also gave us contacts to enable all of us to get free counselling and support and we continue to hear from Miners’ Promise over one year later and I now consider the Miners’ Promise Family Support Advisor a very dear friend. Miners’ Promise did all they could to simply take the financial and emotional stress off us at such a difficult time.

On behalf of myself and my three children we thank the Miners’ Promise team from the bottom of our hearts for being there and supporting us when we needed it the most. You are all incredible people who go above and beyond to make what is the worst situation in anyone’s life, just that little bit easier.

Sharon Lawn

Your Family – Our Family