The Late David Hooper & Family

It is with immense gratitude that I share the story of support my late brother and his wife received from Miners’ Promise. My brother David, a member of Miners’ Promise and his wife Diana have very sadly both passed away. The dedicated emotional, practical and financial support we received from Miners’ Promise provided enormous peace of mind for both David and Di whist they were ill and for all the family, still to this day.

The support rolled out was vast and all encompassing. Alongside the emotional care, Miners’ Promise provided meals, house cleaning, advocacy with other agencies, assistance from their financial planning partners in securing David’s superannuation claim, flights for family members and ultimately having both of their funerals paid for in full.

For me, living in SA and having my brother David and his wife Di both ill living over in Waroona Western Australia was a very overwhelming situation to start with. I was unsure how things were going to be manageable as Di was palliative due to a respiratory illness and David was Di’s carer, and David now diagnosed with cancer, needed to do things for his own health as well as try to continue being there for Di. 

David told me about Miners’ Promise, about how they had organised Light and Easy meals to be delivered for them both which to me was a huge benefit. This took away the need for David to try to cook for them both especially at times where he was too ill to do so. Along with the support from our Miners’ Promise Family Support Advisor (FSA) who to this day, months after David’s passing still keeps in touch with me.  Knowing someone was calling to check if they needed any help with anything took a lot of stress away. As months went by, the regular phone calls were a great source of relief for me, I always felt better after having a chat about how the days were going and how in general all the family was doing. It was great to hear a friendly supportive voice at the other end of the phone when I was spending many weeks in WA away from my own family back in South Australia.  My conversations with our FSA helped me keep moving forward with a positive mind set.

As time passed and sadly Di passed, Miners’ Promise really helped David at a time of great sadness losing his wife and life partner. Miners’ Promise removed any financial pressures by paying for her funeral, flights for family members and always asking what more they could do to help him. Miners’ Promise also arranged a house cleaner as David didn’t have support in place to help with his day to day needs. This was a great relief as they both took great care and pride in their belongings. Both David and Di worked hard for what they had so it was very important to them that things were looked after properly. This also allowed me to just focus on taking David to chemotherapy treatments and Doctors’ appointments and chasing up whatever he needed. Not having to cook and clean was a great benefit.  Simple things being taken care of made such a huge difference. Miners’ Promise also advocated for David’s care, liaising with Silver Chain and other service providers to ensure that he was receiving the care he needed.

Miners’ Promise also assisted David to get his superannuation entitlements paid out. David informed his FSA that, after several months, he was still not having any success in progressing with his Superannuation claim, even when his doctors had deemed him palliative. Miners’ Promise contacted their dedicated financial planning partner Hayden Kerdel and Madison Richardson of Gravell & Thomassen Financial Planning. Miners’ Promise rang Hayden on a Friday explaining the situation and the run around that the superannuation company had given David for months on end. She explained that David was terminally ill and now palliative, yet his claim had still not been approved.  Hayden responded immediately, driving down from Perth to Waroona the very next day which was a Saturday to visit David and to gather all the necessary information (removing the need for David to somehow get himself to Perth – a 1.5hr trip by road). Within 3 days of Hayden and Madison from Gravell & Thomassen getting involved things got moving and David’s Superannuation was paid out into his bank account. For David, having his financial affairs in order during this time of his life provided him with enormous peace of mind and we were all so grateful for this.

Things would have been so much harder without Miners’ Promise support and loving care. The beautiful flowers on the anniversary of Di’s passing, the beautiful Christmas basket which David and all the family enjoyed immensely. Miners’ Promise made a very overwhelming situation for me a lot more manageable. I can’t thank them enough.

My hope is that anyone experiencing a crisis like this has Miners’ Promise support. If you are not yet a member of Miners’ Promise I encourage you to join.  In times of crisis, we all need the love, help and support of Miners’ Promise.
Michelle Kittel, David’s sister

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