Steve Shotton

Hi, my name is Steve Shotton, some call me Shots, some call me worse. I’m part of B/D crew with vehicle services at Mt Whaleback. I’m residential Newman with BHP.

Last October I drove to Perth for a shopping trip, it was then that I started having a few weird health issues so I went to see a doctor on the Friday, had MRI done on Sunday, was admitted to Sir Charles Gairdner hospital the same day & had brain surgery 3 days later to remove a tumour in my temporal lobe behind my right eye.

Finding myself in this situation was overwhelming to say the least. Trying to find accommodation walking distance to the hospital for my wife, and all the other logistical problems and general support, I decided to turn to Miners’ Promise whom I have been with for 2 years. The response was absolutely incredible, immediately accommodation was organised and paid for.

By Friday I was discharged from hospital but had to stay in Perth another 2 weeks for pathology results and develop a treatment plan. Miners’ Promise organised more suitable accommodation and paid for everything, gave us uber eats gift cards, but I think most importantly, they were there every day for not only me, but my wife, and my son and daughters who had flown in for the operation and Miners’ Promise were constantly offering them support too.

I’m now back from Perth after a 6 week block of chemo and radiotherapy. Geniene and the other staff from Miners’ Promise were there every day for us.

Towards the end of my treatment period, it became clear it wasn’t ideal for me to drive back to Newman. Miners’ Promise again stepped in, arranging flights for myself and family as well as transporting my car back to Newman. This alleviated a huge amount of stress for me and I’m so grateful for their support.

I can’t recommend enough being part of this amazing group of genuine caring loving people,
Steve Shotton



Miners Promise is like a cross between family and a genie in a bottle. We all think we won’t be exposed to tragedy, but the reality is that you just don’t know what tomorrow brings. Miners’ Promise has shouldered the burden of organising and paying for flights, accommodation, car transportation, meals, Ubers so that we could all solely focus on my father’s battle with cancer. All of these things were organised the moment they were needed, without the need for mountains of paperwork.

Miners’ Promise were there for our whole family. From the moment the phone call was made to notify them of our situation, we were introduced to our personal family support advisor. Our FSA is like our guardian angel, she has offered endless support through personal visits, phone calls, texts and emails. She even visited us on Christmas Eve to see if we were OK or needed anything. Always just a phone call away if any one of us needed to talk, cry or even laugh. My experience is that the staff of this amazing organisation were born for this cause. Their endless compassion and caring is priceless and reminds me that there are good people in this world. I know that as we continue through this we are not alone.

Thank you Miners Promise.
Prtha Shotton (daughter)