Standing Together Bereavement Group

Our Miners’ Promise Standing Together Bereavement Group extends a warm welcome to all those in the resources sector whose life has been impacted by the loss of a loved one. Life can change in an instant and no one knows this more than the members of our Miners’ Promise Standing Together Support Group.

At some point in our lives, and usually more than once, we all experience loss and grief. The loss of a loved one may lead us to feeling isolated, lonely and afraid. However, no one needs to walk this challenging journey alone. You have access to support.

As a Group we seek to navigate and breakthrough the vast range of emotions, thoughts and physical challenges that grief gives rise to. We are well aware that no two people grieve the same, so we provide a safe environment, free from judgement and expectation. We learn to understand and trust the stages of grief even when hope seems most difficult to grasp. Loss is a part of life and amidst this we must find the strength to choose to open our hearts and live wholeheartedly once again.

Our most recent Standing Together Bereavement Groups were held on the 1st November in Kalgoorlie and the 19th November in Perth.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and haven’t yet connected with our Group, then we warmly welcome you to do so. Please also feel free to ‘like’ Miners’ Promise on Facebook and then request to join our Standing Together Support Group.   Call 1300 124 014 or via email.