67 New Members Before I Turn 67 Garry Thompson

My passion for Miners’ Promise goes right back to my youth when my father worked in the coal industry in the 1950’s in NSW. In those days, miners would get together and donate money to the families of colleagues whose lives were tragically lost at work.

I’ve been a Member of Miners’ Promise since 2010 – when they were first established by Helen Fitzroy and Ian Fletcher.  Initially, our employer paid the first year of our membership and then left it up to individuals to decide if they would like to continue their membership and I’m pretty sure that every single person did!

I’ve seen the enormous difference that Miners’ Promise makes to my friends and colleagues in the resources sector and especially to their families.  And on many occasions, I’ve seen this first-hand and this is happening even as we speak as they provide invaluable, personal, and irreplaceable support to my close mate Stephen.  They’ve been there with Steve and his family each step of their difficult journey and built a relationship that is so much more than support or friendship.  It would be painful to imagine where they would be without Miners’ Promise.

I’m a safety representative/mechanic at BHP Newman and I’ve been passionately talking about Miners’ Promise for years.  BHP are a dedicated partner of Miners’ Promise and have been for years.  They even include Miners’ Promise in their matched giving program which doubles personal donations made by employees, meaning that for every dollar donated by an employee to Miners’ Promise, BHP donates another two dollars.

This year, I decided that I needed to do more.  I wanted everyone to become a member of Miners’ Promise so that when one of us from the resources sector experiences crisis or our family experiences crisis, Miners’ Promise will be there for them with their love and support, financial and practical assistance and of course, something that you can never put a value on – their emotional support.

I decided I needed a goal!  67 new members for Miners’ Promise before I turn 67 in March next year and I’m well on my way!

I encourage everyone working in the resources sector to become a member of Miners’ Promise – get involved!  The stories from families they’ve helped, including my mate Steve, will bring a tear to the eye of even the toughest of us.  You too will want to tell everyone about Miners’ Promise!

Garry Thompson

Miners’ Promise is extremely grateful to Garry for his passionate and dedicated support.  He is one of the most amazing site ambassadors whose tireless work drives awareness of Miners’ Promise on individual sites.

Today 19th June and tomorrow Saturday 20th June, Garry – together with his mate Steve and Hope, are running a Miners’ Promise display in the Newman Boulevarde Shopping Centre to drive awareness of Miners’ Promise.  Garry, Steve, and Hope, we are so moved by your passion and commitment and we’re wishing you great success this weekend!  

Your immense efforts play such an important role in the promotion of Miners’ Promise and to our overall goal that all resources sector employees and their immediate families are supported in times of crisis. You are really amazing, and we are truly blessed to have your support!