Are you, or is someone you know coping with the death of a loved one?

The Road to Recovery” was compiled and written by Miners’ Promise for people directly impacted by the sudden death of a loved one. It includes key information about common processes and procedures, with particularly detailed information on procedures and responsibilities following a death in the workplace.

By creating this resource, Miners’ Promise hopes to help ease the burden for others, by making this information more readily accessible to those who most need it, during the most difficult of times.

The Road To Recovery is a FREE resource for people impacted by a death

Formats: pdf download & hard copy (email your request to
Cost: Free
Produced by: Miners’ Promise


The Road to Recovery contains three essential types of information:

  1. A guide on the roles and responsibilities of the various agencies and organisations involved in the process following a person’s death, particularly where the death has occurred in the workplace;
  2. A comprehensive list of support services across Australia, broken down into state jurisdictions and including full contact details (correct at the time of publishing); and
  3. Information about coping with grief, and how to support others dealing with grief.

Who else could benefit from access to this resource?

alifeliost1-300x167This resource is useful for all people coping with the death of a loved one, whether this occurred in or outside the workplace, and although it was created with the resources industry in mind, it is relevant to everyone, regardless of the industry in Australia in which they work.

Download your free copy now if you, or  someone you know may benefit from the information it contains.

If you would prefer a hard copy to be sent to you by mail contact us on and we will send one out to you free of charge.