Relocate to the Pilbara, Kalgoorlie, or SPACE!? 

15530 Austime EDM Header + DATES 640x192pxMarch 2017

“We have crossed continents; we have crossed oceans; we have mastered the skies, now, we can cross into space,” said Chris Lewicki, President and Chief Executive Officer of Planetary Resources, Inc.

Mr Lewicki was speaking in an interview with Austmine 2017 in preparation for their upcoming conference and exhibition, due to be held in Perth on 22-24 May at the Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre. The former NASA engineer said humanity’s quest to develop new frontiers is the driving force into space, with asteroid mining the first step.

Austmine 2017: Mining’s Innovation Imperative is Australia’s premier conference for showcasing the best technological innovations across the resource industries. The biennial conference and exhibition program focuses on innovation within the mining and mining equipment, technology and services (METS) industries.

Together, executive-level innovators from the mining and METS industries, senior government officials, and academics from Australia and around the world collaborate and showcase how they are embracing innovation to increase productivity and competitiveness.

Mr Lewicki is just one of more than 50 speakers from across the globe covering subjects as diverse as mining asteroids, mining’s digital revolution and cultural innovation in mining.

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