Our Services

Miners’ Promise is an independent not-for-profit organisation established to support employees of Australia’s resources and resource service sectors, and their families.

We offer personal support and financial aid to meet the unique needs of each family, addressing the various challenges that life presents us all with at different stages of our lives. This could be proactive support such as helping families prepare for their future through financial planning, making a will, or finding legal advice, or it could be helping families connect and spend quality time together.

Importantly, our core service is the support provided to families if the very worse should befall them, through illness, disability or death, whether this happens at home or in the workplace.

In these darkest of times that we rarely plan for, Miners’ Promise steps in like a good friend and supports families in whatever way they need. This could be financial support – but very often it is logistical, practical and emotional support families need most immediately following a crisis event.


“Miners’ Promise is an extension of your family, we’re looking out for you”