Mining Legends

Loader After Rebuild                            Loader Before


Worthy Parts Mining Legends Charity Rebuild

December 2018 saw the launch of Michael Worthington’s visionary fundraising project – to refurbish a mining machine to be sold ‘as new’, to raise money for charity.

Who could have come up with a more wonderful project? Mining Legends was the name chosen for this very special endeavour, in recognition of the dedicated and hardworking members of the mining community.

Michael got a fabulously well used R2900G Loader donated by Northern Star Resources, Rand Mining and Tribune Resources and, over the next 12 months, had it rebuilt through the donation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in goods and services from Worthy Parts Industry Link Media directory service providers from around Australia (Mining Legends).

Anyone who knows Michael Worthington knows of his extraordinary passion to give back and make a difference to the lives of others, and as he hit the road to secure donors, it became clear from the response that he inspired others everywhere he went.

“Part of what made the project so successful, was the fact that the major beneficiary was Miners’ Promise.  People loved that their donation of goods and services was supporting such a worthy cause.” said Michael.

KCGM proudly purchased the rebuilt Loader which has been aptly named Michaela – in tribute to Michael, and she proudly works on site.  Miners’ Promise is honoured to have been one one of the main beneficiaries of the Mining Legends Rebuild Project that raised close to $1 million for charity.

On behalf of all the mining and resources sector families we support, Miners’ Promise wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to Michael and Jaymi Worthington, their extraordinary Worthy Parts team, KCGM and all the mining legends who made this possible.

Acknowledgments: Mining Legends Board of Directors; Michael Worthington, Hugh Gallagher, Joselyn O’Dwyer, John Bowler and Bill McKenzie together with Project Manager Sean Wood.

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