What is Miners’ Promise, and why should I consider joining?

March 2017

We’ll let one of our member stories help explain.

Eric Fordam was a Miners’ Promise member who had been working in the resources sector in Kalgoorlie for many years when cancer struck. He flew down to Perth to begin treatment immediately.

On being informed of his situation by his employer, Norton Gold Fields, a family support advisor from Miners’ Promise contacted Eric in Perth to let him know they were available for support.

As Eric had salary protection through Norton Gold Fields, some of the immediate financial stress was alleviated. However, there were other bills piling up included the non-urgent patient transport to Perth – Miners’ Promise paid these bills.

However, where Miners’ Promise were also able to make a real difference was by being on hand to help Eric integrate news of his treatment with the doctors. A family support advisor was also with Eric when he learned his cancer was terminal. They liaised with the cancer council, kept his mates in Kalgoorlie updated on news, and saw him through his palliative care.

When Eric sadly lost his fight, Miners’ Promise attended and paid for the funeral.

The member stories section on this website captures many inspiring and heartfelt stories like Eric’s of members who have accessed Miners’ Promise services since our inception in 2010. We encourage you to take some time to read more of these stories to see how diverse the type of help and assistance we can provide should you ever need us.

Essentially, we provide practical, emotional and financial support to a member or their family when impacted by a crisis event, including a death.

We are not an insurer or EAP

Distinctly different from any type of insurance or Employee Assistance Program (EAP), if you or your family ever need to access Miners’ Promise services, a family support advisor works directly with you to determine your individual needs. Also, unlike any insurance or EAP, you receive support, whether something happens at work or at home.

What do we mean by a crisis?

Examples of the types of crisis events Miners’ Promise has assisted members with include helping members’ diagnosed with a serious illness; suffering a serious accident (at home or at work); or in the worst case scenario, when a member has died, regardless of the circumstances or if the death occurred at home or at work.

Examples of typical services provided include:

  • Providing tailored support through our family support advisors;
  • Assistance dealing with managing bills including liaising with creditors;
  • Payment of home cleaning and gardening services;
  • Accommodation and travel expenses;
  • Funeral expenses in the event of a members’ death;
  • Providing funds for, and arranging breaks away from home;
  • Facilitated group events for families having suffered the loss of a loved one.

Become a member now. Or if you need more information, call us on 1300 124 014.