Miners’ Promise commemorates 5 years member service

July 2015 marked five years of the Miners’ Promise organisation, and represents an important milestone for everyone involved since the first ideas of a “legacy-type organisation to support resource sector workers” was floated, to the professional organisation that exists today.

We would firstly like to acknowledge all those people who contributed time and effort in the early development phases; who helped us launch the organisation in 2010; who spread the word about our vision and aims; to past and present board members who volunteered and who continue to volunteer their time; and of course to our member base, ambassadors and patrons who make it possible for us to continue helping the 100 or so families we have been able to assist, in one form or another, over the past five years. Our members are the core focus of our organisation. By existing and continuing to grow, we ensure we are able to help both practically and financially when one of “Our Family” is impacted by a crisis event, in particular a death.

Special thanks must also go to Helen Fitzroy, our Founder. It was through Helen’s own personal experience following the loss of her husband Steve in a mining accident in 1991, that exposed the shortfalls in support for families following workplace fatalities, and sowed the seeds of the Miners’ Promise concept. Helen ensured through her tireless work in researching information and recruiting the support and assistance of others, that this support is now available through the Miners’ Promise organisation. So far this year, Miners’ Promise has been able to help 15 families. This includes the Johnson family, who we assisted with crisis travel and accommodation support when Miners’ Promise member, Steve Johnson, needed urgent medical attention in Perth. It also includes Margaret Paki, whose husband Kevin, also a Miners’ Promise member, and their son Brian were tragically killed in a car accident.

Both families’ have kindly given their permission to share their stories with others. The Johnson family featured in our April newsletter edition and this edition features the Paki family’s story in full. These, and many other stories can also be found on this website in the member stories section.