Men’s Health Week

Championing men of all ages, International Men’s Health Week is celebrated globally in the middle of June. It’s an important opportunity to raise awareness about men’s health, exploring what it is to be a strong and open man, and promoting positive and empowering change.

The theme for Men’s Health Week in Australia for 2019 is “Keeping Boys And Men Healthy”. The week’s events around the country offer a unique opportunity for men, young and old, to contemplate their overall health, kick-starting a healthier lifestyle with a zest for life, emotional vigour and physical fitness.

The key goal is for men to shift from just thinking about their health to activating some healthy daily habits. The proof is there, men with healthier lifestyles have more vitality and energy, are more inspired, motivated and committed. You’re never too young or too old to improve your health, irrespective of your current well-being. Let’s explore some key behaviours you can adopt to living a healthier, more vibrant life.

Be Active – Get up and get going! Even a 30-minute brisk walk daily will have you feeling better. If you’re able to challenge yourself by varying your workout, your body will thank you! Mix up age appropriate cardio, muscular and stretch training for optimal fitness. An active lifestyle is key to your emotional and physical well-being, keeping your body healthy and your mind clear so that your spirit can shine through! Simple exercise will reduce your risk of heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes, along with shifting your mood and protecting you against depression.

Be Aware – Don’t ignore possible warning signs or unusual symptoms and wait until it’s too late. Take precautions and focus on prevention. Find a good GP for your annual health checks. Your GP can monitor your health, providing you with the necessary screenings for prostate and colorectal cancer, along with monitoring your blood pressure and general overall physical, mental and emotional health. Why not book an appointment with your GP this month and have peace of mind for the rest of the year!

Fuel your body – Eat to thrive not just survive. You will feel the difference immediately by eating a nutritional, balanced diet. Get your daily serve of 5 veg & 2 fruit, whilst cutting back on your salt, sugar and alcohol intake. Providing your body with the fuel to boost your immunity, fight off disease and feel younger and more vibrant.

Be there – Check in with mates! Depression can have many faces, so watch for signs, ask and listen, even when everything may appear to be fine from the outside. Be authentic with yourself and with others. It takes courage to be vulnerable, but the connections made will shift the status quo, break down stigma’s and enhance self-worth among men of all ages. We’re all in this together. Suppressing or trying to escape emotions isn’t manly, it’s unhealthy.