Lloyd & Naomi Amat

Many years ago, we became Miners’ Promise members, believing that as an organisation it had a lot to offer families in the mining industry. However, it was not until last year when I was involved in a car accident, that we really discovered the true value of Miners’ Promise. We cannot thank Miners’ Promise enough for their emotional support and practical assistance, making a tough time a lot less stressful.

It was a typical week and my husband Lloyd had just flown back to work. That same day everything was turned upside down. I was involved in a serious car accident, writing off our car and leaving me shaken. I was feeling shocked and overwhelmed, recovering from the impact of the car crash.

We contacted Miners’ Promise and they immediately stepped in to support us and fill the unexpected gaps. Our Family Support Advisor (FSA) listened carefully to determine how they could best assist and went on to make the necessary arrangements. Miners’ Promise paid for a longer-term extension on our hire car, meaning that we were not left stranded and relieved a lot of financial pressure. Our FSA also arranged a house cleaner to ensure I was able to rest and recover from the car accident.

Behind the scenes it was the consistent support from our FSA that meant the world of difference. It was a great support to have someone to touch base, to chat about how I was feeling and managing. I could voice any issues that presented and was always provided with suggestions that helped resolve any concerns. For Lloyd, knowing his family were not alone throughout this ordeal provided him with much-needed peace of mind. Support we would not have had if we were not with Miners’ Promise.

Beyond this Miners’ Promise have maintained contact well beyond things all being finalised. They have kept things personal by following up with a friendly phone call, from time to time, simply to check in and see how everything is going. A service that you don’t see often anymore, showing just how much, they respect and value their members.

This experience has well and truly shone a light on the value of our Miners’ Promise membership. Knowing that Miners’ Promise will be there to fill in any gaps that we have not considered, when and if issues arise, reduces a lot of stress for us as a FIFO Family with 3 growing children.

Thank you, Miners’ Promise!

Lloyd & Naomi Amat