Life Returning to Normal

It’s natural to have mixed feelings about life going back to normal post Covid-19, after all, what actually is ‘normal’? Everyone’s circumstances are very different, while some have had little impact from the virus other family’s lives have been turned upside down. As the rules change again, this time back to ‘normal’, you may be feeling that this transition is just as hard or even harder than the initial changes.

You may be experiencing stress about returning to regular life while others may be excited to going back to the way things were. The whole realm of emotions from fear to joy is completely normal to feel, as we return to life after a pandemic.

Several concerns may emerge as we transition back to what was once routine. With any transition a sense of loss may be experienced, as you change your routine and adjust. You may be concerned about not feeling safe in public and shared spaces. With the recent loosening of restrictions, yet the requirement to still adhere to the 1.5m physical distance rule, things can seem a little perplexing. Workplaces, commuting, sharing equipment etc may all trigger anxiety. Furthermore, your worries may be compounded by concerns about your loved ones, finances, the future of your industry, the economy and the sheer scale of suffering in the world right now.

During these times please recognise that everything you’re experiencing is entirely natural. We can meet these emotions with a sense of compassion and courage, choosing to not judge yourself and others.

You may also be apprehensive with life returning to normal, if you preferred your routine more during Covid-19. Many enjoyed spending more quality time with family, less running around and a general feeling of having more hours in the day. If you’re anxious about returning to some of the stressors of normal life, try taking stock and prioritise the demands in your life. Use this experience as an opportunity to evaluate your life and where you chose to put your energy. Let go of guilt if you decide to strip back some of your previous activities and instead move forward by focusing on what brings you and your loved one’s joy.

Be the change you want to see in the world, by fostering a sense of self responsibility, calm, connection and openheartedness.  The key is communicating your feelings with others; talk about your concerns with your family, friends and your employer. Offset anxiety by exploring options and having a plan, reset when you need to and know that you’re doing your best. Focus on what you can control and try maintaining balance in your life with healthy self-care practices such as exercise, a well-balanced diet, plenty of sleep and meditation.

Above all, stay connected. Practice physical distancing along with social connection. These are unprecedented times for everyone but together we can pull through with a greater sense of compassion, wisdom, and direction.