Katie Smith & Mitch Herbert

My partner was in a substantial accident where he needed to be flown from Kalgoorlie to Perth for surgery.

I was 6 and a half months pregnant. Miners’ Promise called me the day after his accident, and they were so quick to organise my flight to Perth to be by Mitch’s side. Not only did they organise a flight for me, they also arranged accommodation and meals for me while I was in Perth. This was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Upon returning to Kalgoorlie, my partner was in a straight leg brace and unable to do many day-to-day tasks. Miners’ Promise organised my house to be cleaned multiple times to ease the workload on me. The flights, accommodation, transport and cleaners were a huge help and I can’t thank Miners Promise enough. Our Family Support Advisor was possibly the biggest support of them all! I was alone the day my partner was flown to Perth, not knowing what we were in for.

My Family Support Advisor was there for me to talk to – I’m pretty sure I probably cried to her for a while too. She was so comforting and reassuring through the whole ordeal, and she was there any time for me to call. Miners’ Promise have been a godsend!

I encourage anyone who is not yet a member to join – we would have been lost without them.

Katie Smith & Mitch Herbert