Historic Rockdrill Competition Returns

Rockdrill compe wardc_mg_2255On 21 March, and despite extreme conditions with the mercury hitting 39 degrees, the WA Rockdrill Club reintroduced the historic “Rockdrill Competition” to Kalgoorlie, following an 18 year hiatus.

A staggering 80 competitors entered the event, some of whom had travelled from the eastern states to compete, helping to cement its success. This enthusiastic response has also helped ensure the event’s continuation, with the Club now anticipating it will once again be held on an annual basis.

“The success of this historic event was largely due to the support from our sponsors, the enthusiasm and support of the many competitors, and the massive effort and professionalism of our volunteer management team, who include Miners’ Promise Chairperson, Graham Crew,” said Ken Harman, Club President. “I’d like to thank everyone involved and look forward to seeing you all next year,” he added.rockdrill cop wardc_mg_2317

The winners on the day were as follows:

  • Singles: Michael Briggs
  • Doubles: Toby Blake and Darren Keogh (Vic)
  • Jack & Jill: Ian and Margie Cameron
  • Veterans: Graeme LeBrun
  • Novice: Rene Drew

Miners’ Promise would also like to thank the kind generosity of the WA Rockdrill Club for pledging some of the proceeds from the event. These donations, together with your contributions as members are how we ensure we can continue to provide our vital services to the many families who need our support each year.

Images provided with permission from the WA Rockdrill Club.