The Hall Family

Kylie and Peter’s story is one of both tragedy as well as joy. On Sunday August 30th, 2015, at almost 34 weeks pregnant, Kylie suffered a placental abruption at home. By the time she reached the hospital just 45 minutes later, baby Lexi had lost her fight for life. Lexi was laid to rest the following Friday and Kylie and Peter began to face their devastating loss. 

Peter works for Norton Gold Fields in Kalgoorlie. The company, whose employees are all Miners’ Promise members, first heard about the tragedy the following day, when Peter was unable to return to work. Norton contacted Miners’ Promise almost immediately to see if they could help in any way. 

“A family support advisor (FSA) from Miners’ Promise called us that first week following Lexi’s death to see how they could help,” said Kylie. 

“Lexi was my first baby. The nursery was all set up and ready for her, and we’d been so excited and eager to have her home. Pete had also taken a month off so we could all spend time together. Being at home was just so hard at that point, and the thing we really needed was to get away. 

“Miners’ Promise helped us in those initial stages by sending us away for a break, which helped so much. We were also able to talk to our FSA by phone as much as we needed, sometimes together and sometimes separately, as we both worked through our grief at our own pace. 

“Just knowing we had this service was amazing. Often over those early weeks we’d turn our phones off every now and then, because we couldn’t talk to anyone. But when the phones went back on, there’d be a message from Miners’ Promise making sure we were OK. 

“The support didn’t even stop then. It’s been on going,” added Kylie. 

About 5 months after they lost Lexi, Miners’ Promise had contacted Kyle and Peter on a regular touch base call to see how they were. They were greeted with some very joyful news. Kylie was expecting another baby! 

However, as with all parents who have lost a baby, there was a certain amount of trepidation and anxiety that accompanied Kylie’s second pregnancy. 

During this pregnancy the doctors had Kylie relocate to Perth for a period of 6 weeks for monitoring by specialists, to ensure both her’s and the baby’s well-being. 

“Miners’ Promise were amazing again,” said Kylie. 

“They visited me whilst I was in Perth and supported me though that time, which was really hard because Peter had to stay in Kalgoorlie and work. They also helped out with the accommodation costs in conjunction with PATS (Patient Assisted Travel Scheme), which took a huge financial burden off us. 

“It was such a hard time with the worry always in the back of my mind about what had happened before. Having Miners’ Promise there to help me through was incredible. Just having them to talk to throughout this whole experience has made the world of difference. They have become like family to us,” she added. 

Cody was born On October 7, 2016. A little under-weight, but now a healthy happy 8lb, 2 month old. The family is looking forward to their first Christmas with Cody, and little Lexi will never be far from their thoughts.