Full Production

Check out Peter Finn’s Full Production – THE podcast of the mining industry.

With more than 119 episodes, Full Production is giving back, and in 2019, launched a wonderful initiative to support charities that support miners and Miners’ Promise are thrilled to be one of the main beneficiaries.  Already to date, we’ve received a number of very generous donations and our thanks to Pete and his team and to our very generous donors!

Host Peter Finn explores the conversations that are shaping the mining landscape with some of the top minds in the industry as his guests. The mining industry is like no other and Pete talks to guests about everything mining and he’s not afraid to have the tough conversations.

Full Production gives people in mining the chance to listen in on conversations shaping the industry.

Pete has more than 15 years’ experience working in the mining industry and is the owner of FACE Contracting, a mining contracting outfit that specialises in delivering labour-hire and work-force management services for a variety of project scopes and sizes, all around Australia. 

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