Dirty Hole Designs

Founded in 2017,  Dirty Hole Designs was formed in the underground crib room.

Steve Poznik wanted to create a street wear clothing range for the dirty underground miner, one that wasn’t cheap and poor quality.  From a single shirt came 90+ products and a whole range of custom crew designs.

Steve and his awesome Dirty Hole Designs, also takes immense pride in raising funds and awareness for charities, including Miners’ Promise.  In 2021, Steve has raised and donated nearly $8,000 to Miners’ Promise.

Steve is also incredibly passionate about men’s mental health and Steve says that the industry support for his fundraising campaigns  has always been humbling.  To date Dirty Hole Designs has raised over $20k for the black dog institute amongst others.

A recent post from Steve said, ‘Some of you may may remember why I started my men’s mental health campaign, I started it in honour of my friend who sadly took his life. Sadly 7 years ago today, On the mine site I was working at. I had seen him the day before, a brief conversation did not alert me to what he was planning or what he was going through. That’s the thing about mental health, it can be invisible.

He left behind a wife and a beautiful daughter, who has grown up to be a strong and confident young lady.

Each year, I add a little Easter egg in the campaign design as a tribute to my friend. Jhon was a redhead, like fire, you didn’t mistake it. This is why we’ve add orange/ red tones to all the men’s art.

If you’re feeling down please tell someone, there’s is nothing wrong with it, there is no shame.

We are still taking orders for our fundraiser shirts till the end of the month. With 100% proceeds directly to the black dog institute, raising much needed funding. Wear the shirt, start a conversation and look after each other.’ said Steve. 

To support this important campaign, please click on the Fundraiser image below.

-Stay Dirty