Core Services

Our fundamental service is the practical, emotional and financial support provided to resources sector families following a death, or other significant crisis event such as a serious illness or accident.

When a significant event such as a death occurs, Miners’ Promise is immediately on hand to assist families, usually within 72 hours of initial notification. We then meet with the family to determine the type of support needed.

When a meeting is initiated by a family, a full assessment is undertaken, allowing them to be intimately involved in determining their priorities and immediate needs.

Typically, support can include acting as a liaison between for example, an employer, probate lawyer and government agencies, or it may involve providing immediate financial assistance to pay bills or assist with funeral costs*.

Ensure your partner or family will be cared for if anything happens to you

Of course we hope it never does, but fatalities and serious accidents come with no warning and can occur at home or at work. Either way, Miners’ Promise will be there to help.

Miners’ Promise helps you take care of your mates

Your membership contributions also make it possible to assist the many other families each year who unexpectedly find themselves needing our help. Being part of Miners’ Promise not only ensures  your family can access our services, but it also looks after your work mates. Read more about the families we have been helping over recent years in member stories.

I don’t want to join – but I’d like to make a donation

You can make a one off or regular donation to Miners’ Promise without becoming a member via our secure donation form.


*Financial benefits include provision for funeral costs and can also cover bills such as utilities and rent, or mortgage payments for up to 2 months. After this time, additional financial assistance may be available to immediate family, based on their individual requirements. .