Brentyn Pettingill

My journey with Miners’ Promise takes me back to April 2017. At this time, I faced some big challenges and having the support from Miners’ Promise really made the world of difference. My initial contact with Miners’ Promise came about when I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Being told you have cancer isn’t easy, if you ever have to face this kind of diagnosis having the assistance from Miners’ Promise is something you will be immensely grateful for, as I was. The support was unique to my needs from having meals delivered, to getting the house cleaned weekly and having flights purchased and arranged, nothing was too much trouble and I am forever grateful for this amazing organisation.

Following my lung cancer diagnosis, I was told that I would need to have surgery in Perth, spending time away from my home at the time in Kalgoorlie. During my days in hospital I really appreciated the fact that a Family Support Advisor from Miners’ Promise took the time to come and see me on several occasions whilst I was recovering. This personal touch is something you don’t see a lot of these days – it’s the little things like this that Miners’ Promise do that have you feeling so supported.

Once I was discharged from hospital I needed to travel from Perth to Kalgoorlie and I was unable to fly due to my lung operation so Miners’ Promise arranged and paid for a train ticket for me and picked me up at the Hospital at 6.00 A.M to take me to the train station in Perth. All this was done at no cost to me, and whilst I tried to reimburse Miners Promise they would not have a bar of it, saying this is what they do for their members’ in need.

Miners’ Promise took the time to explore with me what my recovery from cancer would look like and what they could put in place to make the road ahead less rocky. From these discussions they suggested they arrange for Lite’n’Easy to be delivered on a weekly basis to my home. It was a big relief for me not having to worry about shopping and cooking. I wasn’t allowed to drive for a few weeks after the operation, so the delivery of meals was a godsend.

At the same time as arranging for meals to be delivered, Miners’ Promise also organised for my house to be cleaned on a weekly basis, again, so I didn’t need to pull a vacuum cleaner around or stretch to clean shelves and windows etc. Miners’ Promise were in constant contact to see how these services were going, how I was managing and how my recovery was going.

On a later occasion I needed to travel to Perth for a check-up with my Surgeon and Miners Promise stepped in, booking the ticket and paying the fare. Once again something that was out of the ordinary and something I appreciated immensely.

Even now, 18 months after the operation, Miners’ Promise still phone to see how I am progressing. This is after I have gone into retirement and shifted interstate.

I have nothing but the highest of praise for Miners’ Promise. I urge all companies and individuals to enter into a crisis support partnership with Miners’ Promise. The support they offer is second to none.

Brentyn Pettingill