“They do provide money for funerals and other things, but the biggest thing Miners’ Promise does is they are not just there for one or two years, they are there down the track if people need help longer. To me that was more beneficial than money.” John Lyle.

Our core service

Our fundamental service is the practical, emotional and financial support provided to families in the event of a death. In the event of a member’s death, we assist the family by providing individual, customised support to help get them through the toughest times.

When an event of this nature happens, Miners’ Promise is on hand to assist the family, usually within 72 hours of initial notification. Following this, they meet with the family, usually face-to-face, to determine the type of support they need.

Typically, this support may include acting as a liaison between for example, an employer, probate lawyer and government agencies, or it may involve providing immediate financial assistance to pay bills or assist with funeral costs*.

For more information see core services.

As a member you are also helping your mates

Your contributions also make it possible to assist the many other families each year who unexpectedly find themselves at the receiving end of our help.

So becoming a member of the Miners’ Promise family not only assures your family will be assisted, but it also looks after your work mates. Read more about the families we have been helping in recent years in member stories.

Here’s a quick recap of the core benefits of subscribing

  • Memberships can be set up as a salary deduction
  • As a members you are not only protecting your family, but you will be helping others
*Financial benefits include provision for funeral costs and can also cover bills such as utilities, and rent or mortgage payments.