Employer Benefits

Why become a participating employer?

By offering the benefits of our organisation to your employees and their families, you are providing them with peace of mind and the added protection of the Miners’ Promise family.

Other benefits of becoming a participating employer include:

  • boosting your employer of choice status;
  • fulfilling aspects of your corporate social responsibility;
  • full access to advice and support from our Miners Promise staff;
  • you can include automated subscriptions as a benefit within your employee package; and
  • contributions you make on behalf of your employees are also tax deductible.

All your employees (regardless of their role or location in Australia) become eligible for all core and other services. These services are not limited to site or work related matters only.

Employer participation also brings with it additional benefits such as direct access to our 1300 number and the latest news and thinking created through our established corporate and government networks.

We will also work with you to ensure your employee’s needs are met and they are fully supported in full cooperation with you and your Employee Assistance Programme.