Beneficiary Story – Stuart Clarke

Beneficiary Story – Stuart Clarke

In the spring of 2021 on a Monday afternoon my world was changed forever. My dearest husband Stuart, whilst working on Koolan Island, suffered a massive heart attack and died suddenly, aged 60 years.

I had never felt so alone and so isolated. The experience of shock was overwhelming, disorienting, and confusing. It was hard to make sense of what I was feeling, what to do next, who to contact or where to go. Thankfully Stuart worked for Mount Gibson Iron, who provided me with so much assistance and for this I will be forever grateful. Mount Gibson Iron engaged Miners’ Promise to provide me with the support that I needed and to hold me through my hardest days.

Miners’ Promise understand how to support people suffering from loss and adversity like no other organisation. The support Miners’ Promise provided me was all-encompassing and it made the world of difference to my journey following the loss of Stuart. Miners’ Promise walked by my side, day by day and this offered me much-needed peace of mind and sense of hope.

After hearing about Stuart’s passing, I was contacted by a Miners’ Promise Family Support Advisor (FSA), and she arranged to visit me at my home. My journey with Miners’ Promise began and immediately I felt a greater sense of calm and clarity. My FSA was compassionate, wise, and respectful, she gently helped make sense of my emotions and understand my grief. Alongside this, Miners Promise helped enormously by liaising with the W.A Coroners and funeral home and arranging the payment for Stuart’s cremation. Furthermore, Miners Promise arranged for my mortgage to be paid for several weeks, which helped alleviate the overwhelming financial pressure I was feeling. They also helped organise the delivery of Stuart’s personal items, both from Koolan Island and the Derby Police Station, all of which I would have found very distressing if they weren’t there to support me.

Miners’ Promise were in close contact with Mount Gibson Iron, who were a constant support, assisting by raising funds on Koolan Island and then with their Employee Insurance Scheme Program. Mount Gibson has provided me with a sense of security now and into the future. Stuart would have been so proud to have worked for such a caring company that values their employees and sees them as more than just a number.

Miners’ Promise advocated for me with the many other organisations involved with the processes that follow the death of loved one. My FSA also liaised closely with their partnering law firm to ensure the finalising of Stuart’s estate was as smooth as possible. The amount of paperwork and the length of time this process takes is very challenging. The emotional support and practical advice I received from Miners’ Promise was crucial throughout this process.

Miners’ Promise have also invited me to join their Standing Together Bereavement Support Group. Miners’ Promise are there by your side, not for a day or a week but for the entire journey, and I know as my grief waxes and wanes that I am not alone.

Thank you Mount Gibson, thank you Miners’ Promise.

Rose Clarke