Beneficiary Story – Bronwyn Tata

On the 17th September 2021 my life was suddenly and forever changed. My husband Eugene and I had spoken cheerfully that day on his morning break, unawares that only half an hour later he would tragically die. Eugene was so happy at the time, knowing that he only had one week of work remaining before he was to permanently return to Brisbane to be with his family. The police officer said that I was the last person my husband spoke with before he fell to his death.

I remember the day Eugene died like it was yesterday, the sheer devastation deeply imprinted in my memory. It was a Friday and I had taken two of my children to Kmart afterschool, and it was there I received the call. It was just after 3pm and the company Eugene worked for, Karridale, phoned me explaining that he had been in an accident at work and if I could go home. We left the shops immediately, I felt very nauseous and the whole drive home was all a blank. As soon as I arrived I phoned Karridale back, it was then they told me my husband, my beloved Eugene and father to our four children had died. I was in complete shock, and I couldn’t think clearly, I kept repeating over and over in my mind what they had told me, yet I was unable to make sense of their words.

The following days, weeks and months that followed have been the most challenging time of our lives, as my children and I have slowly tried to make sense of and accept Eugene’s sudden death. It is for this reason that I am forever grateful that Miners’ Promise reached out to us immediately. From the first contact with our Family Support Advisor (FSA) through to now I have rested in the comfort that Miners’ Promise are on this journey with us, we are not alone.

The support Miners’ Promise provided was all encompassing and very personalised to what we needed at an emotional, practical, and financial level.  Miners’ Promise promptly engaged services to support us that I appreciated enormously, including several home cleaning services as well as arranging childcare respite support when I needed it most. Miners’ Promise also provided us with financial support in the immediate days that followed, arranging the payment of our weekly home mortgage for two months. This alleviated an enormous financial burden for me, as I entered the unchartered waters ahead, not knowing the processes or legalities to follow.

My FSA guided me not only with the practical support and advice on these processes but also with an emotional base from which to rest in at any time. My FSA also liaised with several organisations and advocated on my behalf, having conversations for me that I didn’t always have the capacity for at the time.  Miners’ Promise also located and arranged bookings for a grief and trauma family psychologist for myself and my children.

A strong and trusting connection was established with my FSA very quickly and this has continued to comfort me over the past year. I was overwhelmed by the immediate sincere and generous support provided by Miners’ Promise, their dedicated care has made a profound difference to our grief journey.

Still today it is hard to accept that my Eugene is gone from this lifetime. Eugene was such a dedicated and loving husband and father. How can we live without him, this was not the plan. Seeing my children suffer in their own grief is the most heart wrenching pain a mother can experience. Our grief continues to be a day-by-day journey and Miners’ Promise are still by our side. Whether it be a phone call or a text I am always so grateful for their contact. The emotional support is always free from judgement or expectation. With Miners’ Promise I feel accepted to feel and be, just how I am on any one day.

Miners’ Promise are genuine in their care and devoted in their support. I am forever grateful for this unique organisation, and for the tailored and irreplaceable support they provided my family and I when we needed it most.

Bronwyn Tata and family