$3,300 donation from the CDO Gold Diggers Club!

IMG_1459March 2016

A huge thanks goes out to the members of the Carosue Dam Operations (CDO) Gold Diggers Club who made a generous donation of $3,300 to Miners’ Promise from the proceeds of their Australia Day raffle in January.

The Australia Day raffle was attended by more than 100 employees. It is one of a number of events including sporting meets, BBQ’s, quiz nights and dinners organised by the fifteen-strong Gold Diggers Club committee for Saracen Gold employees at the Carosue Dam Gold Mine, located near Laverton, approximately 120 kilometres North East of Kalgoorlie.

CDO Gold Diggers Club Administrator, Casey Devlin had contacted Miners’ Promise in November last year to enquire about nominating Miners’ Promise as one of their chosen charities.

“One of our committee members knew of the Paki family, who had lost their father and a son in a tragic car accident last year. They’d also heard how Miners’ Promise had been able to help the family, so the committee made the collective decision that this would be an excellent addition to our small group of chosen charities to support,” said Casey.

The CDO Gold Diggers Club has been operating for approximately 4 – 5 years and runs regular events for members to promote comradery on site, and to provide a social outlet for people away from home for long periods of time. Many of the social events also involve raising funds for very worthy charities including the Royal Flying Doctors and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

In early 2015, the club underwent a re-vamp as the mine transitioned from open pit into three operational underground mines.

“Following the transition, we experienced a large influx of new people. It became really important to bring everyone together to help boost morale on site by providing opportunities for everyone to socialise and get to know each other,” said Casey.

“Most of us spend more time here at work with each other than with our families, so the events have been really important and very well received. The re-vamp included a new club name and re-branding and we are hoping to increase the number and different types of events into the future,” she added.

Miners’ Promise is delighted to have the opportunity to become more involved with the CDO Gold Diggers Club and looks forward to continuing ongoing association.

Donating to Miners’ Promise

All donations sent to Miners’ Promise are deposited directly into our Family Welfare Trust account. The funds are then used to enable us to continue supporting our members and the families of our members within the resources sector who have been confronted with a tragedy or significant crisis event.